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Every market is different, and every investor is different. That’s why you need a personal mentor that KNOWS St.Louis. Take the time to put aside 60 minutes of your life to gain YEARS of STL REI knowledge from

Nick Baur.

PRICE: $497.00 Deposit (Applied to your membership upon acceptance)

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No matter your strategy (wholesaling, rehabs, rentals, etc.), you will an in-depth strategy that fits your needs. Not to mention, we KNOW St. Louis, and will be knowledgeable about your market, giving you a one up on any other coaching program around.

At the Next Step Strategy Session, Nick will work with you to do several things.

First, he’ll do a full discovery on you, as to where you are at educationally and your knowledge base to see what you need help with and what areas you need to improve on as well as what your goals are and what you want to accomplish.    

Second, he’ll work with you to give you some concrete action items to begin to turn you into a cash buyer and show you how to start making offers with confidence.  

Lastly, he’ll review what our high level mastery class,  SSIC’s Inner Circle Coaching and Mentoring Program is and what that looks like, and see if you are a candidate for that.  And if so, what you’ll need to do to get started working with him and the coaching staff 1 on 1.  

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Get a professional evaluation and review of your current strategies and advice on how to improve upon them.

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Make a game plan today. After the Session, you will have tools immediately to put you on the path to success.


We have experts available to you in every aspect of Real Estate Investment. Lenders to Contractors...we have it all.

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